Call for Proposals

Breakout workshops and seminars at 4WCWS will provide multiple platforms for exchanges of ideas, and informed discussions between practitioners, policy-makers, academics and survivors on innovative solutions to the epidemic of violence against women.

Around 20 workshops and mini-seminars will take place concurrently after each of the five plenary sessions on Art and Advocacy, New Methods in Shelter Management and Social Work, Policy and Legislation, Equality and Economic Empowerment, and Emerging Issues.

Workshop organizers and mini-seminar presenters will develop the issues raised in the plenaries, introduce new practices and developments, highlight case studies and practical solutions to local problems, facilitate imaginative brainstorming on innovative ideas, and engage in deeper discussions with other attendees. 

Applicants have the option of applying to facilitate a 120 minute workshop, or giving a short 10 minute presentation with other speakers in a mini-seminar facilitated by an independent moderator. Each breakout session will include an additional break of 15 minutes.We expect a large number of applications, so would encourage workshop presenters to be open to the idea of allowing us to combine your session with another facilitator who is presenting on a similar topic.

Application will open in August 2018.