4WCWS Side Events

There is a wide variety of side events attached to the Fourth World Conference of Women’s Shelters. Held before, during and after 4WCWS, the side events are organized by partner and affiliated organizations. Some of the events are invitation only while others require pre-registration. Please check back to this page for updates on registration and contact information.

  • Mon, Nov 4. Taoyuan City.
    Innovations in Shelter Services - The Orange Huis Approach: Organized services from secret locations to open spaces
    60 people. Lunch included
    Workshop for North Taiwan social workers and DV center staff led by Blijf Groep
  • Mon, Nov 4. Howard Plaza Hotel, Kaohsiung City.
    GNWS Interim Board Meeting (closed meeting)
  • Mon, Nov 4. Hotel Yam, Kaohsiung City.
    Youth Caucus Meeting
    70 people
    Discussion and networking meeting organized by young delegates to 4WCWS.
    Check here for more information
  • Tue, Nov 5. 10:00-12:00. Garden of Hope Kaohsiung Branch, Kaohsiung City.
    Asia Network of Women's Shelters Steering Committee Meeting (closed meeting)
  • Wed, Nov 6. 17:30-21:00. Howard Plaza Hotel, Kaohsiung City.
    Networking and Information Sharing for Regional/National/Provincial Shelter Organizations
    50 people. Dinner included.
    Hosted by: Women's Shelters Canada
    If you work for an organization that brings together shelters in your region or country, please join this event to create new connections, and share your work and priorities in the areas of advocacy and knowledge exchange.
    Send enquires to Kaitlin Bardswich at kbardswich@endvaw.ca
  • Thu, Nov 7. 18:30-21:00. Howard Plaza Hotel, Kaohsiung City.
    Asian Conference of Women's Shelters
    200 people. Dinner included
    Hosted by: Asian Network of Women's Shelters
    Networking event for Asian delegates at 4WCWS.
    Registration information coming soon
  • Fri, Nov 8. 10:00-17:30. Howard Plaza Hotel, Kaohsiung City.
    One Billion Rising Asian Coordinators Meeting
    20 people (invitation only)
  • Fri, Nov 8. 08:30-16:30. Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan City.
    Global Practices in Promotion of Gender Equality: Human Rights, Criminal Justice and the Media
    120 people. Lunch included.
    Hosted by: GOH Tainan Branch
    Mini-conference with presentations from 4WCWS keynote speakers and response and discussion with local experts and academics. Topics include "International Practices in Human Rights Promotion and Gender Equality: Gender Diversity, Ethnicity and Culture" and "Victim Response to Criminal Justice Procedures and Media Coverage of Sexual Assault Cases".
    Registration information coming soon
  • Fri, Nov 8. 14:30-17:30. Dong Hwa University, Hualien City.
    Gender Equality Forum
    60 people
    Hosted by: GOH Hualien Branch
  • Sat, Nov 9. 13:30-16:30. Azure Hotel, Hualien City.
    Gender Equality Forum
    60 people
    Hosted by: GOH Hualien Branch
  • Sat, Nov 9. 14:30-16:30. Y17, Taipei City.
    "The Apology" public speech by Eve Ensler
    800 people
    Feminist writer Eve Ensler talks about her stunning new book "The Apology" and the latest developments in the movement to end violence against women.
    Registration information coming soon