4WCWS Youth Caucus registration starts now!

The organizers of the 4th World Conference of Women’s Shelters (4WCWS) are excited to announce that the event will include a Student Caucus, with workshops and networking opportunities designed for young leaders. To help students under the age of 28­ attend 4WCWS, we are offering partial scholarships, including free registration fee and hotel accommodation, to successful applicants. You will be staying at the Hotel Yam in Kaohsiung, which will be the venue for informal evening discussions and social gatherings in the evenings. The official conference agenda will also include a 90-minute breakout workshop led by young people.

Our goal is to bring the next generation of feminists from all over the world to 4WCWS to learn, be inspired, network, and be empowered. Priority will be given to young women from the developing world, and from countries that are not yet represented at 4WCWS. Students who are interested should apply here by September 12. We’ll announce the results on September 27.

4WCWS will be held on November 5-8, 2019 at the Kaohsiung Convention Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The conference is jointly organized by the Garden of Hope Foundation, the Global Network of Women’s Shelters and the Asian Network of Women’s Shelters. The theme of 4WCWS is “impact and solidarity”, which underpins the need for collaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds to improve shelter services and end violence against women. Kaohsiung is an exceptional location for 4WCWS. A beautiful and modern metropolis located in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung is the nation’s second largest city. The weather in November is sunny and comfortable, with a gentle breeze blowing in from the sea. Kaohsiung is a city of glamour, delicious food, unique mountain, sea, river and port features, a rich culture and a beautiful cityscape.

The 4WCWS agenda highlights the themes of solidarity and impact, creating opportunities for networking and exchanges, providing you with a platform to meet and interact with leaders, friends and colleagues, as well as sponsors and exhibitors, and explore new ideas and groundbreaking practices. The social program includes southern Taiwanese cuisine, culture and arts, introductions to the breathtaking natural beauty of Taiwan.  4WCWS will provide a wonderful forum for you to be inspired and energized with new knowledge and innovations in social work, advocacy, empowerment of women and girls, shelter management, and policy and strategy plans.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Taiwan for 4WCWS!