Fundraising Resources

Fundraise to go to 4WCWS

Considering the limited scholarship opportunities, peer-to-peer fundraising is another way strongly recommended to get the resource to join the conference so long as you have a nucleus of devoted followers, friends or families willing to help you achieve something meaningful.

Why your peers should support you to attend 4WCWS

  1. Violence against women and girls is a global violation of human rights. One in three women experience physical and/or sexual violence, usually by an intimate partner. Working on the frontline to protect survivors, shelters not only provide safety, but are critical partners in the effort to eliminate violence against women and girls. Yet shelters often lack necessary support to carry out this role.
  2. 4WCWS will bring together over 1,500 like-minded people from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to network with peers in other countries and regions around the world, and through unity and collective energy, be empowered and motivated to take action beyond the scope of immediate service work.
  3. The wide range of topics in the conference agenda, the exhibition area, and display booths, workshops and study tours will promote and encourage peer-to-peer links, and build connections between academics, experts from other fields, government officials, and corporate leaders. These networking opportunities will help to spark global projects and initiatives to support women shelters in ways that would not have been possible before.
  4. 4WCWS will feature influential speakers and leading female change-makers from politics, civil society and the corporate world. These keynote speeches never fail to make an immediate impact on the audience.

How much will it cost?

Without the plane ticket, the estimated cost of six days and five nights is about US$700, including early-early-bird registration fee, mid-range accommodation (three to four-star shared twin room), local transportation, inexpensive meals outside the conference and miscellaneous items. Kaohsiung City is an affordable city. In addition to the MRT network that provides direct access to the airport, there are also many delicious food stalls at reasonable prices. 

  • Early-early-bird registration fee: US$350
  • Hotel: $50 x 5 nights = $250
  • Transportation: $4/day x6 days = $24
  • Meal: $5 x10 meals = $50
  • Miscellaneous: $26
  • Total: US$700

Add another US$60 to the above if you need a visa, and estimate the cost of the flight ticket from your departure point to adjust your budget accordingly. 

Peer-to-peer fundraising resources

  1. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is a platform that allows people to create their own website with which they raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses.

During this process, members can describe their fundraising cause and the amount they hope to raise, and upload photos or video. Once the website is created, GoFundMe allows users to share their project with people through integrated social network links (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and email. People can then donate to a user's cause through the website using a debit card or credit card and track the progress of their funding. Those who donate can also leave comments on the website in support of the project. If the user receives no donations, then no charge is made. Payment processors collect 2.9% and $.30 from each GoFundMe transaction.

  1. Facebook Charitable Giving Tools

Social networking communities are a powerful way to build awareness of your favorite cause. A Facebook page can establish a sense of transparency, legitimacy, and trust among supporters. Facebook gives clear instructions on helping you get started and tips to reach your goal. You can connect friends to your cause and gain supporters across Facebook.

For personal fundraisers, fundraiser creators are charged payment processing fees and, in some countries, additional taxes when the money raised is distributed.

Other ideas

For your birthday, this Christmas or another festive occassion, ask your friends and family to sponsor you to attend 4WCWS. It will be the best gift for your personal and career growth. 

Besides the platforms mentioned above, you should be able to find other peer-to-peer fundraising tools that are even more effective or customized with your own needs.

More important than the tool, however, is your strategy. Identify who you are going to ask to participate and how you are going to ask them, and then be sure to do whatever is needed to keep them on track and engaged in the conference.

Good luck and happy fundraising! We’re looking forward to meeting you at the conference!