About 4WCWS


Situated conveniently in the friendly and sunny port city of Kaohsiung, the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center is south Taiwan’s premium conference venue.


4WCWS is a chance to network with 1,500 inspiring people, learn about shelter services in other countries, and discuss ending gender-based violence.


The 4WCWS agenda has been developed in consultation with shelters all over the world to explore relevant issues and learn about best practices.


4WCWS takes place on November 5-8, 2019. Start making plans to come now!



Sun, 9 Jun 2019

The workshop and mini-seminar schedule for the 4th World Conference of Women's Shelters is now online.

Kim Stockham, Head of Corporate Communications, APAC, Expedia Group
Wed, 5 Jun 2019

What are the keys to making impactful presentations at major conferences? How can you connect with an audience?

Tue, 30 Apr 2019

The fee of the exhibition booth/table will be going up after Friday, May 10! Large booths with a walled space and other facilities for US$600, and a simpler standalone table with basic facilities for US$300. Both are available at cost price. Bank charges are not included.

Welcome to Taiwan!

It is my sincere pleasure to invite you to 4WCWS! The conference theme of “impact and solidarity” underpins the need for collaboration to improve shelter services and end violence against women. 4WCWS will inspire you with new knowledge in social work, advocacy, gender empowerment, shelter management, and policy formation. We are looking forward to seeing you in Taiwan!

Chi Hui-Jung, GOH CEO, GNWS Chair   

About the Conference

The 4WCWS program reflects the key issues facing both the shelter community and the broader movement to end violence against women today, and is designed to produce maximum participation, learning and networking opportunities for delegates.

The four-day agenda is divided into five plenary sessions, bookended by an opening and closing ceremony, with additional study tours to shelter organizations around Kaohsiung on the final day. Each plenary session will be followed by workshops and seminars, broadly under the themes of the plenary, and hosted by presenters from around the world.

The goals of 4WCWS are to strengthen the role of women shelters in systematic approaches to combating violence against women; reinforce, mobilize, and increase the effectiveness and influence of the global and regional shelter networks as leaders in the effort to end violence against women; kick-start global projects and initiatives to support women shelters and combat violence; and raise awareness among governments, international organisations, the corporate sector, and the general public about the problems of violence against women to stimulate actions to support shelters.

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Her Majesty Queen Máxima at 3WCWS

No one who is affected by domestic violence should be left to cope on their own. They all deserve a fresh start, in a safe place. May our joint efforts be stronger than the fear and isolation of the victims, and may we give them hope for a better future!

Dr. Denis Mukwege at 3WCWS

In every corner of the world women and girls need a roof, a place to shelter from violence, poverty and corruption.

Bandana Rana at 3WCWS

We have renewed energy to connect and to act right from now, to say no to violence, to act against any form of violence, and to speak out and not remain silent.