Locker room talk: Supporting athletes and sports cultures to be arenas of gender-based violence prevention (更衣室談話:推動運動員及運動文化成為消除性別暴力的場域)

11/06/2019 - 09:30 to 11/06/2019 - 11:00
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Alberta Council of Women's Shelters
Emerging Issues
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Alberta Council of Women's Shelters (亞伯達議會婦女庇護所)
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The Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS) is the unified voice of 42 member shelter organizations. Shelters open their doors to provide a safe haven for women, children and seniors fleeing from domestic abuse. They support families as they develop the strength and skills to begin new lives free from violence.

ACWS assists shelters by initiating violence prevention projects to improve shelter services by, for instance, providing education resources for children and schools and doing specialist work with the 5 on-reserve member shelters.
ACWS provides professional development and cross-sectoral training for executive directors and shelter workers through, for instance, the Women’s Shelter Leadership Development Bursary program and the Crisis Intervention Certificate program.
ACWS is an acknowledged source of expert data collection and undertakes research including danger assessment research, in partnership with Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell and Johns Hopkins University, for tracking prevention and effective interventions in Alberta.
ACWS creates public awareness and provides the necessary tools and information for business and community involvement. Examples of its work in this area are Breakfast with the Guys, a public awareness programme for male leaders in the province; public lectures and education sessions; and posters, media campaigns and press releases.
Proposer: tuval
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Categories: Case study (emerging & promising practice in prevention), Tools for individual change, Masculinities

Historically, the gender-based violence sector has viewed the sports world as indifferent to our
efforts at best and hostile and part of the problem at worst.
Over a decade ago Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters decided to explore this arena and attempt to
discover what transformational opportunities existed in the sports world. Since then our Leading
Change™ initiative has been engaging with the sports community to find ways to use the athletic
arena to transform harmful attitudes and behaviours to create a culture of gender-based violence
prevention. Working with local minor hockey and football organizations, CFL teams and players,
provincial hockey organizations and others has given us powerful insight into the limitations and
significant opportunities that exist in this arena.
This session will be delivered by program staff as well as some of our partners from the sports world
who have been involved in these efforts. We will explore our approach and some of the successes
and challenges we have faced. We will also demonstrate some of the strategies we use in engaging
athletes and coaches throughout the province.
We will also include evaluation results and insights from our research on the impact of sporting
events on DV incidents.
· The Stampeders facilitated or co-facilitated Leading Change sessions in 29 different locations
across Central and Southern Alberta, including both larger urban areas such as Calgary and
Edmonton, mid-size municipalities including Medicine Hat and Lethbridge as well as smaller rural
locations such as Siksika Nation and Raymond Alberta.
· As part of the Leading Change initiative, Stampeders delivered or co-delivered 79
presentations, and reached at least 8212 individuals (4491 of these participants completed
post-session surveys). [1]
· 85% of participants agreed that, as a result of the session, they had a better understanding
about violence against women and girls.
· 81% of participants agreed that, as a result of the session, they were better able to prevent or
interrupt abusive behaviours against women and girls.
All Speakers:
Tuval Dinner Nafshi
Tuval works as the Leading Change Community Developer for the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters. He is a violence prevention educator specializing in healthy relationships, consent, gender equity and healthy masculinity. Over the 15 years he has facilitated workshops and delivered presentations for thousands of young people, educators and community members on issues relating to sexism, sexual violence, healthy relationships, gender equity and eliminating violence from our lives. He received his social work education from MacEwan University and University of Victoria then went on to work in British Columbia (Victoria Sexual Assault Centre), Ireland (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and Ontario (White Ribbon Campaign & Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions “COPA”).