Justicia Nostrum: A Model of Family Law Legal Advocacy to Improve Outcomes for Women and Children Fleeing Violence (我們的正義:家庭法律倡議模型增進受暴婦女兒童的福祉)

11/07/2019 - 10:35 to 11/07/2019 - 12:05
Proposal(Workshop / Presentation)
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Harmony House, Ottawa, Canada
Policy and Legislation
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Harmony House, Ottawa, Canada (加拿大渥太華和諧之家)
Proposer: Leighann Burns
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Justicia Nostrum is an ambitious project aimed at improving family law legal advocacy and outcomes for women and children fleeing violence. Despite improvements to legislation, court outcomes for survivors of violence continue to demonstrate that more is required. While only a small minority of family law cases make it all the way to trial, examination of both reported court decisions and family court files demonstrates that too often the violence women and children experience is not adequately accounted for in legal outcomes.

The Justicia Nostrum project takes a multi-pronged approach to improving legal outcomes for women and children fleeing violence that can be replicated in other settings. Components include: gathering court file data to understand and demonstrate what is happening in family courts, collaborating with front-line violence against women advocates whose expertise has been demonstrated to reduce lethality for women and children escaping violence, respecting and incorporating the expertise and leadership of survivors of violence in project design and implementation, creating articling and other opportunities to train new and existing family lawyers to be effective advocates for survivors of violence and building a model of advocacy and collaboration that increases the knowledge, skill and capacity to respond appropriately in order to improve family law legal outcomes and ultimately the long term safety of women and children fleeing violence.