A New Model of Community-based Women's Shelters in Australia (澳洲社區婦女庇護所的新模型)

11/06/2019 - 11:15 to 11/06/2019 - 12:45
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Women's Community Shelters - NSW, Australia
New Methods in Shelter Management and Social Work
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Women's Community Shelters - NSW, Australia (澳洲新南威爾斯—婦女社群庇護所)
Organization Introduction: 
Women's Community Shelters works with local communities in Australia to establish new crisis accommodation shelters for women and children who are experiencing domestic violence or leaving homelessness. Our social franchise model of shelter establishment supports local communities who have seen a need with project management, funding, intellectual property and ongoing professional support for local shelter boards and staff. WCS has established 7 shelters in the last 6 years and we are working on shelters 8 and 9 with a view to opening them in 2020.
Proposer: Ajdaniel
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As CEO of Women's Community Shelters, I would like to present on our successful alternative model of women's shelter establishment my organisation has pioneered in Australia over the last five years.

I have taken us from a start-up organisation in 2013 to a fully fledged network of domestic violence crisis accommodation shelters in 2019. We opened our sixth shelter in NSW, Australia in late 2018, will open 2 more in 2019, and are working on a further two shelters. Our organisation is working with local communities in a capacity-building way to address the desperate shortfall in crisis accommodation for women and children. We represent an alternative model of shelter establishment and funding, and are the only organisation in Australia presently opening new shelters.

Our organisation provides project management support for the opening of new shelters, seed and operational funding, intellectual property required to run a shelter and ongoing professional and governance development for shelter boards and staff. With an innovative, tri-partite funding model bringing together community, government, and philanthropy/business, we seek to enhance shelter sustainability through diversified funding streams.

Beyond crisis accommodation, we have developed innovative programs providing transitional housing for women and children leaving shelters, to ensure they have a further two years of accommodation, allowing them to get back on their feet towards safer futures. We have also developed and will implement an innovative schools-based program for 2019 called 'Walk the Talk' engaging high school students in supporting their local shelter. Our work at the grassroots/community level has involved whole communities in understanding and addressing women's homelessness and domestic and family violence. We have also built unique digital communities through our social media platforms, harnessing increasing support for each shelter's work.

Our community capacity building works as important early intervention and prevention work, and has the potential to become an Australia-wide movement. I would be delighted to share some optimism and learning from a new approach to shelter establishment and management in Australia, which could work anywhere in the world.
All Speakers:
Annabelle Daniel
As CEO of Women’s Community Shelters, Annabelle Daniel has worked with local communities around NSW to establish and open seven shelters in as many years at Manly, Hornsby, Forster, Castle Hill, Penrith, Bayside and Parramatta. She has collaborated with a range of organisations, individuals and stakeholders, from the community and all levels of government to achieve change in the field of homelessness for women and children.

Annabelle is continuing this work to establish further shelters throughout NSW and is already working with a further 2 communities towards new shelters.

Annabelle has been a leader in the social sector for 20 years, working in private enterprise, the Australian government and the community sector. Prior to joining WCS as Chief Executive Officer, she was a Senior Leader in the Department of Human Services, overseeing the Child Support programme.

A key role in Annabelle’s career was as Manager of Elsie, Australia’s longest-established women’s shelter, providing services and support to women and children experiencing homelessness and escaping domestic violence.

Annabelle trained as a lawyer with specific expertise in discrimination and family law. She has extensive experience in administrative decision making for the Australian Government, including conducting complex investigations for the Commonwealth Ombudsman. Annabelle has also significant board positions in charitable and not-for-profit organisations in diverse fields including community development, fundraising and the arts.