Special consideration and care for the children of the survivors of gender based violence (性別暴力倖存者的兒童特殊照護)

11/06/2019 - 11:15 to 11/06/2019 - 12:45
Proposal(Workshop / Presentation)
Coordinating organization: 
Different & Equal
New Methods in Shelter Management and Social Work
Organization Name: 
Different & Equal (差異與平等)
Organization Introduction: 
Different & Equal (D&E) is an Albanian non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality services for the protection and reintegration of victims of trafficking, exploitation and abuse, and to changing the legal, institutional and social context to counter these abuses.
Different & Equal is accredited with special consultative status by ECOSOC United Nations (Economic and Social Council), and is member of many coordination structures in national and international level.
Different & Equal (D&E) has more than 15 years of grassroots experience in the fields of anti-trafficking, domestic violence, child protection issues, etc. During these years D&E has been focused on:
• Direct assistance to girls and women victims of trafficking, abuses and domestic violence through shelter and community services;
• Training and capacity building for NGOs, state institutions, law enforcements, business companies, media etc;
• Prevention – Awareness raising; empowerment of vulnerable groups
• Studies and establishment of manuals, facilitation guides, procedures etc;
• Lobbing and Advocacy
• Support for policy making
• Information and technical advice on drafting laws and legislation to protect children, victims of trafficking and domestic violence.
• Increase efforts to identify victims / potential of trafficking;
• Increase efforts for economic empowerment of gender based violence;
• Enhancing cooperation with service providers and local government institutions;
• Activities for enhancing of the rights of victims of gender based violence in Albania;
• Activities to prevent sexual violence and trafficking;
Proposer: Mariana Meshi Muslia
Describe your workshop/presentation (300-500 words): 
Different & Equal will organize this workshop dedicated to the need for special consideration and care of the children of victims of gender based violence. The long term experience of our organization have shown that the children of the victims of gender based violence are at “at high risk of abuse, exploitation and trafficking, and evaluation and meeting of their needs is considered as priority in its own as well as key in evaluating , planning and implementing the support and re/integration of their mothers.
Children of victims of gender based violence are generally not seen as beneficiaries in their own right, in need of specialized and tailored assistance;
Lack of attention to the issue and experiences of these children means that families, communities, and formal society generally do not understand or appreciate the profound vulnerability that these children face and often continue to face over time.
In this workshop Different & Equal will make a presentation of the needs of children of victims of domestic violence and trafficking based on a study report we did in Albania, share our experience on assisting these children, the challenges we have faced and recommendations. Our organization has developed some alternative care models for the children of the victims of trafficking and domestic violence in Albania which include PM and after school care for these children in 5 districts of Albania and a comprehensive package of services based on the specific needs of each child.
Bringing our experience and assistance models, and also giving the opportunity to share different models between countries is very important to improve the support and assistance for these children.
All Speakers:
Mariana Meshi Muslia
Mariana Meshi is a professional with almost 20 years of experience in addressing issues of abuse, trafficking and exploitation in Albania. She has an educational background in social work, and she has worked directly with victims of abuse, trafficking or exploitation for their protection and assistance, through enabling sheltering, exercising rights for legal aid, medical help, psychological support, return and reintegration. She is executive director of the organization Different & Equal for 15 years, which is an organization that provides sustainable and comprehensive services for the reintegration of victims of trafficking, abuse or exploitation through shelter and community services. She has given contribution for several initiatives in Albania in the field of anti-trafficking and in fighting sexual violence such as, awareness activities, training, policy making, and research. She has lead one of the working groups for compiling the standards of care for victims of trafficking in the residential centers in Albania. She has been trainer in much training organized for different professionals like police, social services, shelter staff, Child Protection Units, health staff, employment offices, media, etc. She has given contribution and presentations in several national and international activities. She is the actual president of the National Coalition of Anti-trafficking Shelters in Albania.
Stela Tanellari Caushi
Stela Tanellari Caushi is Deputy Director and Program Manager of the organization Different & Equal in Albania. She has been working since 2002 with victims of trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse and their children. She has education background in social sciences and law, and has given her contribution in Albania through training different institutions, awareness raising activities, support in policy making, lobbing and advocacy for the advancement of human rights and expecially the rights of the victims of gender based violence.