Understanding young women and girls shelters using Arts advocacy (運用藝術倡議了解年輕女性庇護)

11/06/2019 - 09:30 to 11/06/2019 - 11:00
Proposal(Workshop / Presentation)
Coordinating organization: 
Girl Chid Art Foundation
Art and Advocacy
Organization Name: 
Girl Child Art Foundation (女孩兒童藝術基金會)
Organization Introduction: 
Girl Child Art Foundation (GCAF) educates and inspires girls of 8-24yrs through free in school and out-of-school professional training classes on the visual art and design thinking, performing, literally art and digital media. The project educates and exposes them to professional arts related activities, performances and after-school programs where they interact and share their expressions or ideas with professionals.

Our practical studio works, project-based programs expose young girls to rewarding careers and help them develop marketable job skills. We also offer free career counseling classes and supporting them to become change makers using the art platform.

GCAF provides these programs through trained volunteers, professional staff, and partners.
Our work is different because of the medium by which we develop young women-ARTS (life skills) and also there is no professional organization in Nigeria enhancing creativity and innovation in young women.
Proposer: Adaobi
Describe your workshop/presentation (300-500 words): 
Introduction of the workshop and goals.

A Young woman or girl can be sent away from home because she is pregnant,
A young woman or girl in an abusive situation or relationship,
A homeless helpless young woman or girl can be stranded on the street and abused,
-Young people should be approached differently because their needs are different.

'Understanding young women and girls shelters using Arts advocacy’ is an interactive practical art advocacy project that will draw attention to the conference goals, raise silent issues, ignite conversations and influence decision makers from shelters around the world with views on friendly approaches to sheltering young women and girls and gender based violence. We intend to use simple art tools, dance mediums and group brainstorming activities.
Participants will engage and present group reports through paintings ,basic design in construction and dance. The project fits into a fact that young women’s voice can be heard through artistic expressions, with highlights on their rights over their bodies.

Objectives: To document recommended strategies to handling young women and girls in shelters through artistic expressions while drawing attention to silent issues.

Materials: A large board, acrylic paints, bowls, paintbrushes, masking tape, cello tape, tables, boards, cardboards sheets, chairs, A1 size sheet plain sheets, glue, mixed fabric pieces, buttons and other craft materials.

Activities (30 participants)
-Introduction of participants (15mins)
-Introduction of goals (15mins)
-Group work (15mins)
-Group Presentation (30mins)
-Sharing new learnings and silent issues (15mins)
All Speakers:
Adaobi Onyejike-Ananaba
As an artist, a social advocate, a transformational leader and social entrepreneur, Ada applies her wealth of experience in social advocacy, the arts, education, youth-friendly health initiatives and livelihood pathway options for young people- whilst preparing young leaders for tomorrow’s global stages.

She is the Executive Director of Girl Child Art Foundation- an organization that educates underserved girls using arts, and the co-founder of Banye Youth Development Foundation- an organization that connects young people to job opportunities through volunteer services. Ada has over 18years experience working directly with over 80 communities in Nigeria focusing on education and empowerment for the girl child and youths. Through her Girl’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Network, she develops the 'I CAN’ spirit in young women and girls from an early age using design thinking and well structured youth-friendly approaches.