Economic Empowerment - Women Making Steps to Freedom(經濟賦權-女人前進自由)

11/07/2019 - 13:30 to 11/07/2019 - 15:00
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Equality and Economic Empowerment
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Modern Women's Foundation (財團法人現代婦女教育基金會)
Proposer: MWF
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Lovers’ murder cases have been on the rise in Taiwanese news. Understanding the cause and consequences of these incidents, we have found that there have always been traces of stalking and harassment involved. Unfortunately, there is currently no regulations against stalking and harassment and hence the reoccurrence of the misfortunate cases. According to a survey conducted by our organization, 12.4% of young girls claimed they have experienced stalking harassment, meaning one in every 8 girls have such experience. The format of stalking most frequently experienced (77.3%) is via communication applications, such as phone calls, text messages, and via the internet, or by stalking their daily activities.

In our online survey last year, 1 in every 5 young students have been stalked via technology, and thus its necessity for legislation. This workshop will be split into three sections. The first forty minutes would be a speech by Professor Wang Pei Ling from the National Chi Nan University Department of Social Policy and Social Work Department. She will speak about the development and prospects of the anti-stalking harassment advocacy work from the needs of the victims, research, legislation and the future. The second 40 minutes: a representative from MWF collaborating with national and international experts in research, will introduce professional assessors and tools required to build a professional network.
A. For professionals: SHARP online assessment tools, related professional workshop
B. Victims: establish the first national stalking harassment hotline to serve the victims.
C. The 2018 trend research: focusing on the analysis of the result of the 2700 Taiwanese high school students online survey on stalking harassment
D. Public Advocacy and Social marketing: creative activities, virtual gaming, screen a 3-minute animation.
E. Legislation action: the third reading for stalking and harassment, Q&A interactive discussion for 10 minutes


第一階段40分鐘: 國立暨南國際大學社會政策與社會工作學系教授 王珮玲老師專講暨研究發表-台灣受暴婦女的經濟虐待現況、處境與未來展望。
第二階段40分鐘: 基金會代表-女人前進自由經濟賦權方案
*本會參考2005年美國經濟賦權方案(Moving Ahead Trough Financial Management),透過舉辦國際研討會與美國學者Judy Postmus博士交流討論,發展台灣本土化的發案。
All Speakers:
Pei-ling Wang, Ph.D.
Dr. Wang is a distinguished professor at the Department of Social Policy & Social Work of National Chi Nan University, Taiwan. Before joining the University faculty in 2004, Dr. Wang was police officer of Criminal Investigation Bureau, and section chief of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee, Ministry of Interior, Taiwan. She collaborated with authorities to establish police protocols for responding to domestic violence, and initiated the TIPVDA to assist practitioners to assess the abused women’s danger. Dr. Wang’s research to date has focused on gender and violence issues, including intimate partner violence, risk assessment, stalking, economic abuse and the effects of protection order. She is the creator of the Center for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Research, the chairperson of the Taiwan Coalition Against violence (2019/07-2021/07), and the board member of the Modern Women Foundation.
Shu-Fen Chen
Shu-Fen is currently the deputy chief executive of Modern Women’s Foundation. She has 18 years of work experience working with abused women. She is particularly concerned with women suffered from coercive control, and culturally constructed gender issues. She is also interested in social work supervision, leadership and management.
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