Activism Through Arts Creates Agency and Agencies Through Arts Create Activism (行動主義透過藝術創造能動性,藝術創造行動力)

11/06/2019 - 09:30 to 11/06/2019 - 11:00
Proposal(Workshop / Presentation)
Coordinating organization: 
Hiatus House
Art and Advocacy
Organization Name: 
Hiatus House (裂縫之家)
Organization Introduction: 
Hiatus House is a 42 bed shelter for women and children fleeing violence in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Proposer: ekratochvil
Describe your workshop/presentation (300-500 words): 
This presentation will explore how the use of arts to create activism helps survivors develop agency, by becoming empowered, having their lived experience allow them to be contextual experts. You will hear from a survivor Shakila (Immigrant Settlement Service of British Columbia) first hand explain how the ability to partake in this kind of activism has effected her personally in her healing journey. Shakila will discuss how her desire to become an activist and speak out for women who are currently silenced has become her calling. Shakila provides inspiration to other young women on what it means to overcome and thrive. She will recount how she has managed to garner the attention of politicians to demand better services for newcomer women who have been victims of violence. Shakila is testament to the power of the use of arts as a medium to have a voice before one can even speak the language of the land they find themselves in.

Eva a frontline shelter worker will discuss how she has engaged survivors in activism through the arts and will provide examples of works that she has led, that have been created and the impacts they have had. Eva uses a number of art mediums: visual, dramatic arts, and writing to create the messages survivors, those of lived experience wish to express, taking these completed works and placing a political spin on them by creating calls to action for the government and delivering these to those in the positions of power to create the changes that we wish to see.

In conclusion, you will hear from Cassandra Executive Director of Haven House (St. Maarten, Dutch Republic) who will discuss how her agency has created activism through the arts, drawing on her experience and knowledge that she gained while working with newcomers in Canada through Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women and some of their arts grant programming. Cassandra will instruct on how her agency has used arts to create activism and change or shift the culture in her community in regards to services for women who are victims of violence.

This presentation will demonstrate how Arts and Activism have the ability to transcend language and culture, becoming universal languages for empowerment of survivors everywhere.
All Speakers:
Eva Kratochvil
Eva is a frontline shelter worker with Hiatus House for the last 20 years. She is a survivor activist and utilizes arts to engage survivors in activism and empowering others to make calls to actions for changes necessary to improve the lives of women and girls everywhere.
Shakila Zareen
Shakila identifies as a survivor activist, originally from Afghanistan, now living in Canada, she is passionate about women's rights and speaks out on the issues of child marriage, domestic violence and sexual assault. Shakila is courageous and inspiring. She has ambition of becoming a model to break barriers on the ideals of beauty.
Cassandra Richardson
Cassandra Richardson is the Executive Director of Haven Foundation a shelter for domestic violence in St.Maarten's. She was a Program Manager with Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women for many years where she ran the women's and girls programs from an arts based focus. Cassandra has combined this experience with a Masters she obtained while at the University of Windsor in Canada to help in her home country and sensitize the culture to one of non-violence.