Reducing Barriers for Women with Varying Levels of Mental Wellness and Substance Use Who Are Fleeing Abuse (減少因受暴經驗進行藥物濫用或精神狀況不佳的婦女所面臨的障礙)

11/06/2019 - 11:15 to 11/06/2019 - 12:45
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BC Society of Transition Houses
New Methods in Shelter Management and Social Work
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BC Society of Transition Houses (英屬哥倫比亞中途之家)
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The BC Society of Transition Houses is a member-based, provincial umbrella organization that, through leadership, support and collaboration, enhances the continuum of services and strategies to respond to, prevent and end violence against women, children and youth. BCSTH is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
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The stress and fear stemming from violent experiences can lead to chronic health problems and affect levels of mental wellness and substance use. In fact, many women seeking support around their mental wellness and/or substance use have experienced violence in their lives. Yet women who have experienced violence and who have mental health and substance use issues often face obstacles to accessing transition and second stage houses and safe homes. As a result, those who are most vulnerable are at increased risk of homelessness and further violence.

The Reducing Barriers Toolkit was developed by BCSTH to provide transition housing programs, and other service providers that support women, with tools to effectively provide services to women fleeing violence who have varying levels of mental wellness and/or substance use. In developing this toolkit, BCSTH have drawn on the current policies, procedures and practices of transition houses, second stage houses and safe home programs in BC; reviewed practices in Canada and internationally; and consulted with low barrier service providers and with women about what changes need to be made to lower the barriers.

This workshop is based on the Reducing Barriers Toolkit and focuses on ways to enhance the capacity of shelters and transition houses to provide support for women coping with trauma, mental wellness and substance use and to increase access to VAW shelters and transition houses for these women. The BCSTH Reducing Barriers framework will be presented and participants will have an opportunity to hear about some of the best practices for working with women with varying levels of mental wellness and substance use. Participants will be invited to explore their work through a trauma informed lens and identify the connections between trauma, mental wellness and substance use.

This workshop is aimed at frontline workers, shelter managers and executive directors who are interested in changing their practices and policies to be more inclusive of all women and their children.
All Speakers:
Pakka Liu
Pakka is passionate about ending violence against women and all forms of oppression. Having worked frontline in transition house, rape crisis centre and women’s centre, the diversity of her experience provides her with an understanding of the challenges that women face and their resistance. Pakka incorporates an anti-oppressive intersectional feminist framework throughout her trainings to provoke meaningful dialogues on the complex, multifaceted factors that contribute to inequality and social injustice. Pakka is a strong believer in creating social changes through information, education and collaboration.