The Getting Home Project: Overcoming Barriers to Housing after Violence (返家計畫:暴力後如何克服住宅障礙)

11/07/2019 - 13:30 to 11/07/2019 - 15:00
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BC Society of Transition Houses - Vancouver, Canada
Equality and Economic Empowerment
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BC Society of Transition Houses - Vancouver, Canada (英屬哥倫比亞中途之家)
Proposer: tanyssknowles
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This conference workshop draws on the research conducted by the Getting Home Project, a project focused on economic security for women experiencing violence through reducing barriers to safe, secure and affordable housing in British Columbia, Canada. See more project info here:

Transition houses and women's shelters provide first response crisis shelter and support services for women and their children who are escaping violence. In British Columbia, they typically provide shelter for up to 30 days, although this is often extended when women have no housing to transition to and are not able to return to their home. Second Stage houses provide longer term accommodation through an offering independent housing units and residential programs, but these facilities face great pressure because demand for their services exceeds their capacity. Workers in these programs work with women to find affordable housing and are only too aware of the obstacles and barriers they face.

Partnerships between transition houses and social and supportive housing organizations enable these allied sectors to work closely to identify and eliminate systemic barriers to housing for women experiencing violence. Housing security and economic security go hand in hand and through reducing the obstacles to safe, sustainable housing, women who have survived violence will have a better chance to become economically independent and to live without violence in their home.

In this conference workshop, we will explore community partnerships, policy recommendations, and unique opportunities for transition houses and women's shelters to build initiatives and contribute creative solutions in collaboration with social housing providers. By drawing on the community needs assessment findings undertaken by the Getting Home Project, as well as the 4 pilot projects that are underway, the workshop is designed to include a presentation on the project activities as well as engaging workshop participants in brainstorming sessions. Through highlighting the research, facilitating discussion, and analyzing case studies, this interactive workshop will dig into solutions that fit with organizational values and the local community. The target audience for this workshop will be women's shelters, social housing providers and any participants interested in working towards solutions for safe, secure, and affordable housing for women experiencing violence.
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