Closing remarks by Chi Hui-Jung


Full text of the closing remarks by Chi Hui-Jung (CEO, The Garden of Hope; Chairperson, GNWS) to the 4th World Conference of Women's Shelters, November 7, 2019, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Here we are at the end of three days. I feel really sad to be saying goodbye. We've had a wonderful time together. We have inspired each other and encouraged each other, hugged each other and loved each other.

Tomorrow you will join study tours, side events, and other activities. Then we will go back to our own homes. But I believe that what we have done together here, will stay with us for a long time. And the solidarity we have built, will last a lifetime.

Here at 4WCWS, we launched a new global helpline project. Thanks to your efforts, we now have data from 59 countries. Let's keep working together so that no matter where you go, there will always be a number to call if you need help.

This week we were all encouraged by our sisters from Hong Kong. Their fight against oppression and sexual violence is an inspiration to us. Let's continue to Stand Together with Hong Kong! We need to fight back together, be stronger together, and make a real impact together!

We have shown real solidarity at this conference. Over 1,400 people registered from almost 100 countries. When so many people come together, new creativity and energy will be made. We must turn that into real advocacy and real impact.

At 4WCWS we have also seen a vision for real homes. In the Congo, Japan, Australia, Estonia, Mexico, Taiwan and all over the world, women are creating real homes. A real home is a place that a woman can call her home, where she feels safe. A real home is a permanent place, that a mother and her children can go back to, any time they want. A real home is a place where we can grow together, and live together in peace. We don't have to worry about being thrown out by our landlord, forced to leave a shelter because of lack of funding, moved on by developers, or deported by the authorities.

So let's keep working together to build solidarity, until we stop violence against women and children. And let's keep working together to create a sustainable world, where we can live in peace and equality.

Thank you!