Victoria Hsu / Taiwan

Victoria Hsu is an attorney-at-law; she is the co-founder and executive director of the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights(TAPCPR). Her team represented LGBT pioneer Chi Chia-wei in the marriage equality case that Taiwan’s Constitutional Court ruled in favor of in 2017. The Grand Justices gave the government two years to pass legislation and it successfully led to the passage of a same-sex marriage law in Taiwan in May 2019. Victoria and her wife, Chih-chieh Chien (Secretary General of TAPCPR), registered their marriage on 24 May 2019 at the same office that rejected their attempt to marry five years ago.
Victoria is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Law at Université Paris X (France) and has two Master of Law degrees from the Université Strasbourg III (France) and from National Taipei University (Taiwan). She was also an openly lesbian candidate in Taiwan’s 2016 legislative election.

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