Josephine (Shuling Lin) / Taiwan

Job Title:
-Artist director at Even Near Playback Theatre
-Drama therapist at The Garden of Hope Foundation
-Lecturer at The PsyGarden Publishing Company
-Lecturer at LTS (Little Heart Theatre School)
Areas of Expertise:
1) Playback Theatre training includes core training, applications of trauma related issues, artistic performance and moderator skills.
2) Applications in the field of drama therapy include inner clown theatre training, storyteller training and developmental transformations drama therapy.
2003 Master of Drama Therapy at Hertfordshire University in U.K. 2008 Graduated from the Centre of Playback Theatre in the U.S.
2011 Graduated from International School of storytelling training in UK.
2017 Graduated from the U.S. Developmental Transformations Drama Therapy study program L1
Dramatic works:
2015~2018 “Shi Di” - as director of gender issues at The Garden of Hope Foundation.
2006~2014 “The Vagina Monologues” - as director of V Day at The Garden of Hope Foundation.
2004~2018 “Playback Theatre” – as actress and moderator at Even Near Playback Theatre
2009~2011 “The world of seen and unseen” – as director of six sense blind performance at Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre.
2009 "Clown Playback" - as director and actress at Taipei Fringe Festival
- Actress in the play of "Break into the ruins" at Assignment Theatre
- Actress in the play of "Wanna Men" at Taiwan Haibizi Theatre
- Actress in the play of "Balcony" by Approaching Theatre Group at National Theatre Experimental Venue
- Actress in the play of "Little Baby Owl" at SONG SONG SONG Children's & Puppet Theatre
Publishing dramatic works:
-"Improvising Real Life "translated edition published by Psychological Publishing Co., Ltd.
Script of "The Vagina Monologue" translated edition published by The PsyGarden Publishing Company
Profile picture: