Mizuho FUKUSHIMA / Japan

<ul><li>2000~ Secretary of Public Relations Department, SDP</li>
<li>2001~ 2003 General Secretary of the Social Democratic Party</li>
<li>2003~ 2013 Leader of the Social Democratic Party</li>
<li>2009~2010 Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety,</li>
<li>Social Affairs and Gender Equality</li>
<li>2011 Selected as one of “Global Thinker 100 by Foreign Policy”</li>
<li>Current Responsibilities:</li>
<li>Member, Committee on Budget</li>
<li>Member, Committee on Health, Welfare and Labor</li>
<li>Member, Research Commission on the Constitution</li>
<li>Member, Special Committee on Consumer Affairs</li>
<li>Member, Committee on Oversight of Administration</li>
<li>Over 30 books; 'How to use Domestic Violence Law' 'Diversity of the Contemporary Family' 'Marriage and Family' 'Woman's Studies in the Court' 'the Needless Wiretapping Law' etc.</li>
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